Stake with Nodexia.
Earn Aion.

Stake with our Aion Staking Pool and help secure The Open Application Network (The OAN) while earning Aion.

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99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Our servers are located in professionally managed datacenters in major cities around the world.

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Safe and Secure

Your Aion always stays under your control and ownership. Staking is done through the official Aion Unity smart contracts on The OAN.

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Only 2% Fee

We have the lowest fee among the Aion Staking Pools and plan to keep it that way.


Dedicated and Experienced

We are long-time supporters of The OAN (formerly the Aion Network) and have been following the project closely for over 2 years since even before its launch. Our commitment to run a staking pool is to help the long-term growth and success of the network by making sure the pool is operating smoothly and without any issues.

Reliable and Dependable

Our nodes run on servers hosted in datacenters located in seperate cities for redundancy purposes while maintaining maximum uptime with automated alerts, logging, and backups.


Honesty and Transparency

We take only a minimal 2% fee to help pay for our servers and operations. This means you keep 98% of your generated block rewards. Our fee is the lowest among the Aion Staking Pools and we plan to keep it that way. Any changes to the fee rate will be disclosed at least 30 days beforehand (in case we decide to further lower our fee in the future).


Guaranteed uptime for all of our servers.


Most Recent Block #


Validated PoS blocks submitted by our pool past 30 days.


Aion currently staked with our pool.


Total capacity of our pool.

Put your Aion to work.

Help secure The OAN with us and earn rewards for doing so at the same time.

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